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All Products_low Culbac® All Natural Products
-forage animal plantFor over fifty years, TransAgra International Inc. has been providing unique, all natural microbial fermentation products for animal feed, forage and agronomy customers around the world.

TransAgra’s all-natural family of safe and effective Lactobacillus fermentation products

  • helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in all animals
  • inhibits mold and improves feeding value of hay and fermented forage
  • provides organic benefits and growth stimulation to plants and soil.

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Latest News and Updates

Completely Clean Labels

posted on: 6/29/2015

TransAgra International Inc. is excited to announce that by 2016 our Culbac® line of products will have a completely clean label. more

Find us at World Dairy Expo 2015

posted on: 6/29/2015

Plan to visit TransAgra at booth 1109­1110, situated on the south wall at the very end of the center aisle. Pick up your free promotional Abiotic bag, and speak to one of our talented salesmen about Culbac products. We have a lot of exciting things happening all the time and can’t wait to share it with everyone. See you at the Expo! September 29th ­ October 3rd, 2015

Culbac for New Turf

Culbac for New Turf

posted on: 3/27/2015 Whether you are planning to start a new lawn or renovate an old one, Culbac Plant Solution can help make this season's lawn your best ever.

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