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All Products_low Culbac® All Natural Products
-forage animal plantFor over fifty years, TransAgra International Inc. has been providing unique, all natural microbial fermentation products for animal feed, forage and agronomy customers around the world.

TransAgra’s all-natural family of safe and effective Lactobacillus helveticus fermentation products

  • helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in all animals
  • inhibits mold and improves feeding value of hay and fermented forage
  • provides organic benefits and growth stimulation to plants and soil.

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Create An Edible Landscape with Culbac Plant Solution

posted on: 7/12/2016

Did you know that Culbac can help you cultivate an edible garden? Read on for some great tips to get started ... don't wait - start planting today! more

Biopeptides: Functional foods from fermented milk

posted on: 6/28/2016

Dr. Jane Caldwell, TransAgra's director of research and development, recently wrote a great article for Progressive Dairyman on how biopeptides are becoming an increasingly sizable market in the food industry. Check it out! more

Get Growing with Culbac® Seed Treatments

Get Growing with Culbac® Seed Treatments

posted on: 6/8/2016

As the days grow longer and chill of winter fades away, gardening enthusiasts such as myself become more anxious to return outdoors and fill their empty containers and bare plots with seedlings that will someday produce bright blooms or a plump tomato. While many seek out their new stock at local nurseries and garden centers, others—myself included—will grow their transplants from seed. more

Abiotics, Their Fermentates Have Advantages for Host

Abiotics, Their Fermentates Have Advantages for Host

posted on: 6/3/2016

THANKS to television ads for yogurt beginning in the 1970s, it’s common knowledge that a probiotic is a live bacterium found in fermented milk that, when eaten, confers health benefits to the host. more

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