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What is an Abiotic?
We take a look at a how Abiotics are different, and why Culbac® supports an overall healthier immune system.

Culbac® All Natural Abiotics for animals, plants and forage

Group_CulbacProducts_Transparent_Hi Culbac<sup>®</sup> All Natural Abiotics<sup>™</sup> for animals plants and forage

For over fifty years, TransAgra International Inc. has been providing unique, all natural microbial fermentation products for animal feed, forage and agronomy customers around the world.

TransAgra’s Culbac® line is an all-natural family of safe and effective Lactobacillus fermentation products from a unique proprietary strain.

Lactobacillus fermentation products have been shown to:

  • help restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in all animals
  • inhibit mold and improves feeding value of hay and fermented forage
  • provide organic benefits and growth stimulation to plants and soil.

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Equine products can now be purchased through Farmvet!

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Having more microbes spurs improved diversity, response to pathogens

By Megan C. Niederwerder, DVM, Ph.D., Kansas State University Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology

Credit: National Hog Farmer

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