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About TransAgra
the pioneer in microbial fermentation

Our Vision

At TransAgra, we believe that a successful future depends on utilizing and properly managing the resources available to us—including those that are invisible to the naked eye. Learn more.

Our Mission

As a pioneer in abiotics, TransAgra’s mission is to aid livestock and crop producers by providing natural, effective, safe and environmentally-sustainable solutions for their enterprises.

Our History

As a company, TransAgra has come a long way since its innovative founder, Herbert Peer, first cultured our proprietary strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Read on to learn more of our beginning.

Our Products

TransAgra’s Culbac® brand products are grouped into three main categories:
  • Animal Health and Nutrition
  • Forage Preservation
  • Plant and Soil Health
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We here at TransAgra are always looking for ways to improve and better protect the world we share. Read on to learn more of how we are committed to sustainability not only in our products but in our practices as well.

TransAgra | 101 Gilbert Street | PO Box 68 | Storm Lake, Iowa 50588 | (800) 238-6075

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