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The saying goes that the proof is in the pudding. In our case, it's the hundreds of farmers who have had great success with our line of Culbac products. Check out some of their stories below. Contact us today to talk to a representative to see if Culbac is right for your farm.

alex and andy Alex and Andy Wilwert
-Holy Cross Iowa

Alex and Andy Wilwert
Holy Cross, Iowa

  • Alex and Andy tend to 120 Holstein Cows
  • They have been using Culbac for about eight months
  • After trying it out, they immediately noticed lower cell count, better gut health, and overall better performance. They stopped using Culbac after 30 days to test the effect, and the positive benefits were reversed. Now, they have resumed using Culbac, and they are seeing great results!

steve and judy Steve and Judy Ellinghuysen 
-Altura Minnesota

Steve and Judy Ellinghuysen
Altura, Minnesota

  • Culbac has been a family tradition since 1968
  • Judy's parents owned a 160 cow dairy farm, which fed Culbac, and now Judy and Steve have more than 120 cows to whom they feed Culbac
  • Judy says her mom always said she could tell when they ran out of Culbac because the manure started to smell -- Culbac improves digestion immensely

john schroeder John Schroeder
-Ellsworth Wisconsin

John Schroeder
Ellsworth, Wisconsin

  • John cares for an 86-cow dairy herd
  • He has been using Culbac for 12 years
  • On Culbac: "Its been real good. Cows take off fast. They need help. With Rumen stuff you gotta keep safe, and they do that. I haven't had hardly any problems because it works for us."

ken and linda glazinski Ken & Linda Glazinski
-New Prague Minnesota

Ken & Linda Glazinski
New Prague, Minnesota

  • Own a large cattle farm
  • Have been using Culbac for 15 years
  • On Culbac: "They keep a good appetite, stay on feed better. A more constant butter fat test and protein that's not jumping around so much in the summer months. It does a little bit, but not as much as it used to. They [are] healthier, less sick cattle."

david jones David Jones
-Bell Plane Minnesota

David Jones
Bell Plane, Minnesota

  • Owns a herd of dairy cattle
  • Has been using Culbac since 1975
  • On Culbac: "Increase in intake, don't go off feed as easily. There is a change in the smell of manure so you know it is definitely working in there, its changing their digestive process. So that's the biggest thing I see. Cows stay on feed better. They take off a little quicker when they become fresh. We give them an extra liquid amount when they are calves to get them going on their feed right away."

TransAgra Testimnial   Dave Dave Salitros
-Bowlus Minnesota

Dave Salitros
Bowlus, Minnesota

  • Owns a Dairy Cattle Herd, milking 60 cows
  • Has been using Culbac animal Dry since 2015
  • On Culback:"The cows are eating better, with less stomach problems. Their cell counts have also reduced and balanced over time."

Have you had a great experience with Culbac that you'd like to share?

Share Your Story Have you had a great experience with Culbac that you'd like to share?

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