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Healthy Start®
Nutritional Feed Supplement for all livestock resizeimage (1) Healthy Start®
-Nutritional Feed Supplement for all livestock

The best time to start improving the overall health and production potential for your livestock is right at birth. Establishing a healthy balance of beneficial microflora in the gut will help keep young animals growing fast and strong throughout weaning, help minimize the risk of scours and intestinal upsets, and help keep mortality rates low.

Healthy Start is designed for oral administration to new-born animals, at receiving, or to help restore and maintain healthy beneficial intestinal microorganisms in the digestive system. As a dietary supplement, Healthy Start can begin benefiting feed efficiency early in the animal's life, and help reduce feed costs throughout the production cycle.

HScows Healthy Start has been shown to help protect against:

Healthy Start has been shown to help protect against:

  • Calf scours (neonatal calf diarrhea)
  • Intestinal upsets
  • Acidosis
  • Weight loss
  • Slow growth and development
  • Immune suppression

Healthy Start is a unique microbial fermentation product

It has been shown to promote and support a healthy intestinal microflora necessary for the health and performance of calves. It’s made under TransAgra’s proprietary process to produce a Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product cells that support the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Healthy Start effectively maintains the microbial balance in the rumen and digestive tract necessary for optimum growth and performance. This healthy balance of the calves’ natural microflora not only protects against invading pathogenic organisms – like E. coli, salmonella and clostridium – but also leads to greater nutrient absorption and overall animal health and vigor.


  • Calves (herd replacements and veal): 10 ml./head at birth or day 1; 5 ml./day, day 2 through weaning
  • Feeder cattle (newly-arrived and off-feed): 10 – 15 ml./head on day 1; 5 – 10 ml./day for 2 weeks and intake is strong


Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
1 pint121-1900
1 gal41-1700
5 gal11-1705

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