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Nutritional Supplement for Horses

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-Nutritional Supplement for Horses

From pleasure horses to equine athletes, horse owners know that intestinal upsets are one of the largest single problems facing these animals. Horses that develop intestinal upsets can quickly become susceptible to a variety of health problems, such as ulcers or even worse colic, – which can be very expensive and can lead to severe pain or even death.

Horse-bac® is a unique dietary supplement which offers trace minerals specific to your horses needs. Unlike many other products, this non-viable Abiotic product is designed to reach the entire GI tract to help restore and maintain a healthy intestinal flora and overall better immune system.

Horse-bac® has been shown to help:

  • Maintain an optimal intestinal environment
  • Digestion and absorption
  • Healthy Immune system
  • Reproductive efficiency
  • Growth and development
  • Overall health and performance


  • Weanlings 1/2 Scoop (1/2 oz.) / head/day
  • Yearlings 3/4 Scoop (3/4 oz.) / head/day
  • Adults 1 Scoop (1 oz.) / head/day


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Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
25 lb11-5725
3.5 lb61-5808

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