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The Culbac® Family of Products

TransAgra’s line of all-natural products is based on Culbac (for “cultured bacteria”), a abiotic that provides nutritional and organic compounds to benefit and support the growth of beneficial bacteria..

Culbac brand products help restore and maintain a healthy intestinal microflora in the digestive system of animals, inhibit mold in the production and baling of hay and forage, and provide organic benefits to plants and soil.

Manufactured under TransAgra’s proprietary process, Culbac is a fermentation product containing processed Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product cells (cell walls and cell contents), which possess functional and nutritional properties like those found in probiotics. Culbac, however, is non-viable, due to extensive processing to modify the cell contents and allow exposure of the cell wall to the digestive bacteria. Culbac provides all of the benefits and value of a “live” probiotic, without the cost and effort of keeping the organism alive. Learn more.

Since 1961, TransAgra’s family of safe and effective Culbac products has been providing safe and effective solutions to help animal and agricultural producers lower costs and increase profitability:

Culbac animal products have been shown to help maintain higher feed efficiency, and support the health and performance of beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep and horses. Culbac agricultural products have properties that stimulate plant growth, inhibit mold and help producers to increase crop yield. Culbac plant products have EPA registration for plant and soil use, and are organic approved by several state and local organic certification groups.

See the complete line of Culbac® all-natural products.

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