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Culbac® Hay

Culbac® Hay is a dry or liquid crop preservation aid which can be applied at either the cutter or baler.

Culbac® Hay has been shown to:

  • Inhibit mold growth
  • Allow baling at higher moisture to reduce the number of days between cutting and baling
  • Maximize nutrient content (protein) of hay by reducing excessive leaf shatter
  • Increase palatability of the hay
  • Reduce the risk of crop damage with shorter curing time
  • Enhance re-growth of the hay plant by removing the windrow sooner
rsz_3 1200_silage_outlineangle_e Culbac<sup>®</sup> Silage

Culbac® Silage

Culbac® Silage is a dry or liquid preservation aid for fermented forages and high-moisture grains that should be applied uniformly at the cutter, blower, or pile.

Culbac Silage has been shown to:

  • Inhibit mold growth
  • Stimulate the growth of indigenous lactic-acid producing bacteria already on the crop
  • Rapidly reduce pH level through enhanced anaerobic fermentation for ensiled crops
  • Decrease heat damage caused by aerobic bacterial activity in silage
  • Increase palatability of the silage
  • Protect the nutritional quality of the silage

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