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Forage Preservation Products

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TransAgra’s line of forage products are designed specifically for use on either hay or silage and are available in liquid or dry forms. Click on the product names at right to learn more about their use.

A mold growth inhibitor resulting in healthier forage

High quality hay and fermented forage are important components in Total Mixed Rations (TMR’s).

When used on baled hay, Culbac Hay Products inhibit mold growth and allows baling at higher moisture levels, resulting in forage that is greener, softer and higher in crude protein and Relative Feed Value (RFV).

When used on silage, haylage or balage, Culbac Silage Products enhance the anaerobic fermentation of ensiled and baled crops by facilitating the growth of lactic-acid producing bacteria. This effectively reduces biological degradation and conserves digestible nutrients of the forage, improving its feeding value and nutritive quality.

Culbac Preservative Products applied to ground hay stored outside or fermented forage in the TMR will prevent heating and mold growth, maintaining the feeding value produced at harvest.

Culbac Preservative Products have been approved for use by several state and regional organic certification agencies.

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