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Culbac® Hay
All-natural Preservative for Alfalfa and Grass Hay

Hay Group_low Culbac® Hay
-All-natural Preservative for Alfalfa and Grass Hay

Culbac® Hay products are concentrated, fermented preservatives for legume and grass hay available in liquid and dry forms. Culbac® Hay is specifically formulated for high-moisture baling, allowing the user to capture more leaf material resulting in higher hay volume and improved nutritional quality.

alfalfa image The benefits of Culbac® Hay include:

The benefits of Culbac® Hay include:

  • Inhibition of mold growth and reduced spoilage
  • Allows baling at a higher level of moisture
  • Shortened curing time means reduced number of days between cutting and baling
  • Reduced leaf shatter
  • Maximized nutrient content through leaf capture
  • Increased harvest yield
  • Improved palatability
  • Enhanced regrowth of hay plant by removal of windrow sooner
  • Safer to handle and less corrosive than propionic acid

Made Specifically To Inhibit Mold Growth

Culbac Hay is an all-natural preservative and abiotic treatment for high-moisture baling. It’s a unique microbial fermentation product, available in dry and liquid formulations, that’s made specifically to inhibit mold growth as hay dries, resulting in higher quality hay.

High quality hay is an important forage component for efficient growth and performance in ruminant diets, because higher quality hay can reduce protein and energy supplementation costs, and help improve animal performance overall. Culbac Hay allows baling at a higher level of moisture, to produce forage that is greener, softer and higher in crude protein and Relative Feed Value (RFV).

Liquid Application

  • 2.6 fl. oz. per ton of hay ranging from 16% - 22% moisture.

Liquid Availability:

Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
2 gal23-5002
5 gal13-5005
55 gal drum13-5055
250 gal tote13-5250

Dry application:

  • 0.4 lbs. per ton of hay, ranging from 16% to 22% moisture
  • 0.8 lbs. per ton, when moisture is over 22%

Dry Availability:

Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
25 lb13-5025

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