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Culbac® Silage
All-natural Preservative for Fermented Feed

Culbac® Silage products are concentrated, abiotic additives for silage, haylage and other fermented feeds that are available in liquid and dry forms. Culbac® Silage is designed to promote a robust anaerobic fermentation by facilitating the growth of lactic acid-producing bacteria, thereby reducing biological degradation and conserving the digestible nutrients in these crops.

The benefits of Culbac® Silage include:

silo image The benefits of Culbac® Silage include:
  • Stimulation of lactic acid-producing bacteria
  • Rapid reduction of pH levels
  • Inhibition of mold growth and reduced spoilage
  • Reduced heat damage
  • Increased nutritive value
  • Improved palatability

Culbac Silage is a unique microbial fermentation additive

Available in dry and liquid formulations, it enhances the anaerobic fermentation, and inhibits mold growth of ensiled and baled crops by facilitating the growth of lactic acid in silage or haylage. This effectively improves fermentation, reduces biological degradation and conserves digestible nutrients of the forage, improving its feeding value and nutritive quality.

Liquid Application:

  • 1.3 fl. oz. per ton of silage

Liquid Availability:

Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
1 gal43-1100
5 gal13-1200
55 gal drum13-1400
250 gal tote13-1500

Dry Application:

  • 0.2 lbs. per ton of silage (1 lbs. per 5 tons of silage)

Dry Availability:

Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
25 lb13-2525

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