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Improve Hay in the Field and at Harvest with Culbac® Products

posted on May 31, 2017

As farmers in the Upper Midwest and elsewhere in the U.S. begin baling the first hay cutting of the season, we thought it may be helpful to share two ways in which two different Culbac,® products can improve the hay crop now and at the next cutting.

Culbac In The News

posted on May 8, 2017

See if you find our products in some of your favorite industry magazines. Get a sneak peak here.

Pepper Cultivars for Hobby Gardeners

posted on May 1, 2017
TransAgra Multi Peppers Pepper Cultivars for Hobby Gardeners

From expert to hobby gardener, peppers are something that everyone can grow, eat and enjoy. Not all peppers are hot and there are many varieties. Learn more about peppers by reading more...

Meet Becky Quesnell: Product Development Director

posted on March 3, 2017

We are proud to introduce Dr. Rebecca Quesnell, our new product and market development director! Learn more about her, what's she's currently working on and her specialties by reading more here.

Global Restriction on Farm Antibiotics

posted on January 16, 2017

Check out this article summary about the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and steps some policy makers are taking to resolve the issue. Culbac is an abiotic alternative!

Why the World Needs Farmers

posted on January 12, 2017

Food is easier than ever to procure, even if it’s out of season. But, the world still needs farmers and will for a long time to come.

Hardy Trees and Shrubs for Colorful Fall Foliage

posted on January 11, 2017

There are a number of trees that have gorgeous fall foliage, but it can be hard to know which is which. We have compiled a great list so you can plan your planting and have a colorful orchard or backyard tree in no time!

Photos from the 2016 World Dairy Expo

posted on December 23, 2016

TransAgra International was pleased to attend the 2016 World Dairy Expo. We built a page to show you all the photos. Check it out!

Tips for Starting, Running, and Maintaining Your Hobby Farm

posted on October 24, 2016

A hobby farm is a wonderful venture for anyone who’s willing and able. You can provide nourishment for your family for years to come, and if you choose, tenderly care for animals along the way. With a little research and planning, you can live and love the farm life!

Horsebac® and the Human-Animal Bond

posted on October 23, 2016

Our own Director of R&D is a big fan of horses, and she wrote this light-hearted article about how Horsebac® enhances the bond between humans and their horses. It has some GREAT photos ... check it out!

Propagating Plants With Culbac® Plant Solution

posted on October 8, 2016

Every autumn a ritual repeats itself in our landscapes: fruits, grains and vegetables will be reaped from fields and gardens, the foliage on trees will transform into stunning displays of gold and crimson, and the season’s first freeze will deliver a coup de grâce to our tender plants. While many growers resign themselves to the inevitable loss of the annuals which they had attended to all season, some may opt to start and overwinter new plants from their prized ornamentals. By following these tips, a grower can potentially start numerous plants by taking cuttings from a single donor plant.

Why Abiotics

posted on September 27, 2016

Despite being dead, abiotics can have significant effects on animal immunity when ingested, nullifying the need of potentially harmful antibiotics.

How Native Silage LABs Compete

posted on September 20, 2016

Dr. Jane Caldwell recently wrote an article on Silage LABs that is must-read material. Check it out!

Bob Snow Named New TransAgra COO

posted on September 13, 2016

TransAgra has named Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bob Snow its new Chief Operations Officer. Read Bob's story.

Autumn Turf Maintenance

posted on September 8, 2016

The fall is a perfect time to invest in your grassy areas to make them look lush and lovely next spring. How should you go about doing that? We have you covered in our latest blog post.

How To Attract Pollinators to Your Landscape

posted on August 26, 2016

Pollinators help plants grow; of course, they're organisms you want to have around, but how can you make that goal a reality? Follow the three simple steps in our article to have a lush natural landscape in no time!

What is an abiotic?

posted on August 3, 2016

We spend a lot of time addressing this topic because it is so integral to who we are. Check out this awesome explanatory video and share it with your friends!

Create An Edible Landscape with Culbac® Plant Solution

posted on July 12, 2016

Did you know that Culbac® can help you cultivate an edible garden? Read on for some great tips to get started ... don't wait - start planting today!

Biopeptides: Functional foods from fermented milk

posted on June 28, 2016

Dr. Jane Caldwell, TransAgra's director of research and development, recently wrote a great article for Progressive Dairyman on how biopeptides are becoming an increasingly sizable market in the food industry. Check it out!

Get Growing with Culbac® Seed Treatments

posted on June 8, 2016
culbac seed treatment peppers.JPG Get Growing with Culbac® Seed Treatments

As the days grow longer and chill of winter fades away, gardening enthusiasts such as myself become more anxious to return outdoors and fill their empty containers and bare plots with seedlings that will someday produce bright blooms or a plump tomato. While many seek out their new stock at local nurseries and garden centers, others—myself included—will grow their transplants from seed.

Abiotics, Their Fermentates Have Advantages for Host

posted on June 3, 2016
Abiotics vs Probiotics Abiotics<sup>™</sup> Their Fermentates Have Advantages for Host

THANKS to television ads for yogurt beginning in the 1970s, it’s common knowledge that a probiotic is a live bacterium found in fermented milk that, when eaten, confers health benefits to the host.

How Dead Bacteria Boost Immunity in Livestock: Peptidoglycans

posted on August 12, 2015

Scientific literature has documented that many of the probiotic benefits from viable cells can also be obtained from populations of dead, or Abiotic, bacteria. Abiotic bacteria, when ingested, can have significant effects on animal immunity. This is due to their cell wall components stimulating monitoring systems in the gut.

What is an Abiotic?

posted on August 12, 2015

English is a flexible language. We are always inventing new words and finding new uses for old ones. I can remember when there were no plastic cups of yogurt in the dairy case. My Mom used to make yogurt at home by boiling milk, adding a teaspoon of old yogurt (“back-slopping”, in the cheese-making parlance), and incubating in a Styrofoam container. Today, the grocery store is packed with many textures, flavors and nationalities of yogurt.

Find us at World Dairy Expo 2016

posted on June 29, 2015

Plan to visit TransAgra at booth 1109/­1110, situated on the south wall at the very end of the center aisle. Pick up your free promotional Abiotic bag, and speak to one of our talented salesmen about Culbac products. We have a lot of exciting things happening all the time and can’t wait to share it with everyone. See you at the Expo! September 29th ­ October 3rd, 2015

Culbac for New Turf

posted on March 27, 2015
Whether you are planning to start a new lawn or renovate an old one, Culbac Plant Solution can help make this season's lawn your best ever.

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