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Biopeptides: Functional foods from fermented milk

posted on June 28, 2016

"Humans have teamed up with many organisms, both large and small, for mutually beneficial reasons. We have domesticated dogs and cats as protectors and pets, while they rely on us to feed and house them," writes Transagra Director of Research and Development Dr. Jane Caldwell in the Progressive Dairyman. "We now recognize that milk-fermenters, such as lactic acid bacteria, have evolved side-by-side with humans for the benefit of both life forms. Today, no one disputes that fermented milk products such as yogurt, kefir and sour milks promote gut and even good general health in humans."

What follows is a fascinating article on the utility of biopeptides from fermented milk as food for people of all ages. Be sure to read the whole thing over on their website!

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