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Report Claims a Global Restriction on Farm Antibiotics Needed to Fight Superbugs

posted on January 13, 2017

UK Prime Minister David Cameron notes the a link between antibiotics on farm animals and antibiotic resistance. It was estimated that in less that 40 years antibiotic resistance can reach 10 million deaths annually around the world if left without notice. 100 out of 139 studies showed a link between antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance among animals.

“I find it staggering that in many countries most of the consumption of antibiotics is in animals, rather than humans,” said O’Neill in a press release. “This creates a big resistance risk for everyone, which was highlighted by the recent Chinese finding of resistance to colistin—an important last-resort antibiotic which has been used extensively in animals.”

One solution brought to attention is to change the rules on the amount of validated antibiotics that can be administered to livestock-around the world. An example in Denmark can be read here.

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