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Horsebac and the Human-Animal Bond
By Dr. Jane Caldwell, TransAgra Director of R&D

posted on October 23, 2016

The human/animal bond offers beneficial interactions beyond companionship. How many times have your troubles melted away after playing catch with your terrier, stroking your purring cat or brushing out the mane of your dusty gelding? Horses, in particular, have always been symbols of freedom and independence. Having a horse for a partner allows you to wander down long wooded trails, leap over obstacles and climb high bluffs. A horse extends our physical limitations and helps us travel farther and faster while carrying more than we could by ourselves.

Because the horse, donkey or mule enriches our lives by carrying our bodies and our burdens, we have a duty to feed and care for them. To keep your equine at their peak performance and health, provide a quality pelleted feed and plenty of fresh, clean water. For an extra boost to their immune system, add Horse-Bac as a top dressing, or mix with pellets or oats. In my personal experience, feeding horses and donkeys, I’ve observed that Horse-Bac improves coat gloss and reduces itching due to fungal infections or insect bites. Let me share some photos of horses I’ve had the pleasure to know in the last few years. Good luck in the show ring and happy trails to you!

nemo loves the trails

Nemo loves the trails.

ncsu foal

Here’s a handsome foal from the NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine.


Enjoying a brisk trot around the arena, Raisin is a Tennessee Walker/Warmblood cross.

ncsu acorn

The NCSU Vet School breeds and sells Quarter horse foals. This acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.


It’s true that blondes DO have more fun, if they are palominos.

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