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Why Abiotics?

There’s no doubt that you’re familiar with probiotics and antibiotics, but what in the world are abiotics? Abiotics are defined as non-viable bacteria and their fermentates that confer health benefits to the host. In simpler terms, “abiotic” means “dead”. Despite being dead, this bacteria can have significant effects on animal immunity when ingested, nullifying the need of potentially harmful antibiotics.

But why not just use probiotics, which are living bacteria that are beneficial to the host, instead of their non-living counterparts? For one, abiotics don’t require refrigeration, while shipped or stored, and so have a long shelf life. Second, abiotics encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria already present in the host’s gut. Third, abiotics are not species specific and can benefit a wide range of hosts. Conversely, probiotics require refrigeration, have a shorter shelf-life, and are species specific. Abiotics are also hardier, making them capable of surviving harsh conditions such as high heat, bile salts, stomach acid, etc.

Additionally, because abiotics are non-viable, they are safer to use in the immune-compromised due to their inability to cause infection, as probiotics can. They are also more environmentally sound since they can’t be released into the water supply, homes, sewage systems, etc. Also, abiotics are shown to have the ability to bind to, and deactivate, feed toxins. This has been shown as a possible future therapy for the human population.

The aforementioned benefits of abiotics and their fermentates over probiotics in optimizing gut health, improving immune system function, reducing stress, and inhibiting infections in a host are many. Contact us at 1.800.238.6075 today to learn more.


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