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Why the World Needs Farmers

Why World Needs Farmers

A common slogan in the agriculture community is, “If you eat today, thank a farmer.” Ultimately, farmers provide food.

America was once largely an agrarian society. Children helped their parents farm food that was grown entirely on a family’s property. Supermarkets became a commonplace source for groceries only within the last century. Relatively speaking, that’s a mere blip on the timeline of mankind.

Despite advances in modern agricultural technology, the world still needs farmers to produce and provide much of what we consume.

As the popularity of farmer’s markets and community-supported agriculture (CSAs) have gained a resurgence in the past decade or two, farmers’ skills and knowledge is valued now more than ever. The “locavore” population is forever growing and the supply must meet the demand.

Also, as people become more eco- and health-conscious, efforts to source nutritious, locally-grown food have increased. Animal rights groups and a concern for the waning bee, butterfly, and bird populations have encouraged consumers to seek out organic food, grown by USDA-certified farmers. People are less apt to purchase meat from CAFOs, and “grass-fed”, “free-range” and “pastured” are now buzzwords people seek out on food labels.

Permaculture, food forests, produce exchanges, and community gardens are all popular trends turning the average citizen into a productive farmer. Preppers, off-grid, and self-sufficient folks are also becoming veritable farmers in their own right.

Even the ingredients in mass-produced and processed food often starts at a farm with soy and corn byproducts making an appearance in most of what we eat and drink.

So yes, food is easier than ever to procure, even if it’s out of season. But, it’s obvious that the world still needs farmers and will for a long time to come.

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