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Culbac® Seed Treatments: The first step to a great harvest

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Every grower recognizes the importance of getting crops off to a good start at planting. Unfortunately, nature does not always cooperate. Cool temperatures, high winds and soil-borne pathogens are just a few of the stresses seedlings may encounter in their early life.

Culbac® seed treatments can help seedlings through their critical early stages of growth. Culbac® seed treatments are produced through a natural fermentation process and provide several benefits when coated onto seeds:

  • Greater root mass development
  • Earlier, stronger emergence
  • Improved seedling vigor
  • Stimulation of beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere

The early benefits provided by Culbac® seed treatments lead to increased yields at harvest. This is demonstrated by the following data from a Kansas field trial. The chart compares yields (in bushels per acre) of soybeans left untreated, treated with Culbac® Green™ Seed Treatment and treated with live inoculant using Bradyrhizobium japonicum.

Comparison Of Yields In Seed Treated Soybeans.JPG

As the data to the left shows, Culbac®-treated soybeans posted an average yield increase of 4.7% over the controls while those coated with the Bradyrhizobium microbial seed treatment had an average yield increase of only 2.3%. As a abiotic, Culbac® achieves this in part by stimulating indigenous beneficial microbes in the soil, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as rhizobia.

COmparison Of Yields In Seed Treated Corn.JPG

Besides soybeans, Culbac® has also produced good results with numerous other crops, including corn. The table at right compares yields (in bushels per acre) on field corn left untreated, treated with Culbac® Commercial Seed Treatment and treated with a live microbial product using Azospirillium spp.

As the averages from the three corn trials show, the Culbac® Commercial Seed Treatment matched the performance of the live microbial seed treatment as both posted an average yield increase of 4%.
Other advantages Culbac® seed treatments have over liveinoculants is that the Culbac® products have an indefinite shelf-life as well as lower application rates at 2 ounces per 50 lbs. of seed or lower, depending on seed type.

Treated And Untreated Corn Plants.JPG

Above is a side-by-side comparison of untreated corn and corn treated with Culbac® Green™ Seed Treatment at 20 days post-seeding. Note that the seed-treated plant not only has superior root growth, but also better shoot development.

Culbac® seed treatments include the following products:

  • Culbac® Plant Solution: a liquid abiotic labeled for seed treatment and other applications.
  • Culbac® Commercial Seed Treatment: a liquid abiotic seed coating fortified with a blend of essential micronutrients.
  • Culbac® Green™ Seed Treatment: a dry abiotic seed coating.

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