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Enhance soil health with Culbac® Plant Solution

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Soil is not simply a growing medium for plants; it is a complex ecosystem in which plants are just one intricate part. This community contains countless symbiotic relationships, and some of the most important of these interactions from a grower’s perspective are those which occur between plants and microorganisms.
A number of bacterial and fungal species found in the soil are vital for breaking down organic matter and converting nutrients into forms readily usable by plants. Unfortunately, various agricultural practices can disrupt this natural cycle. The use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, for example, can have an adverse effect on populations of soil microbes. Moreover, inoculants applied to seeds and soil can upset the balance of local soil biodiversity by introducing microbial strains alien to an area.

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Culbac® Plant Solution, an all-natural biostimulant, is designed to stimulate, not replace, the native microbes already present in the soil. When used as a soil amendment, it functions as a abiotic by encouraging the growth of beneficial microorganisms that allow plants to thrive. The proliferation of these desirable microbes has the additional benefit, through competition and displacement, of suppressing many soil-borne pathogens.


For best results, Culbac® Plant Solution should be sprayed onto the ground when soil temperatures are consistently above 50°F. Mix with water and spray to achieve the coverage recommended in Table 1.

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