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Get the most from your vegetable plants with Culbac® Plant Solution

Culbac Plant Solution Promotes Vegetable Crop Maturity.JPG Get the most from your vegetable plants with Culbac® Plant Solution

In areas with short growing seasons, vegetable growers may find themselves in a race to harvest as much as possible before the onset of cold weather. Since ripeness in horticultural crops is influenced by environment and nutrient availability, they may turn to hot houses and fertilizers to obtain the time needed for their bundles of green tomatoes to turn red or for their cantaloupes to slip from the vines.

Another means through which growers can promote crop maturity and get the most from their plants is through Culbac® Plant Solution.

Culbac® Plant Solution is derived from fermenting a unique, non-genetically modified strain of Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product in a nutrient medium containing seaweed (Ascophyllumnodosum). The biostimulant produced by this process contains a blend of natural cytokinins, auxins and micronutrients that promote optimal crop health. When Culbac® Plant Solution is applied early in the growth stages, the crops have been shown to perform better throughout the growing season.

Figure 1 shows data from a field study conducted over a growing season where Culbac® Plant Solution was applied to bell peppers. The peppers were left on the plants to ripen to their red stage. At the end of the growing season, all sizable fruits, whether green or red, were harvested.

Effect Of Culbac On Bell Pepper Yeilds.JPG

The overall yield represents the total harvest of green and red peppers throughout the growing season. As the graph shows, the Culbac®-treated group increased overall yield by 19.21%. One would expect to see a similar increase in the number of fully-ripe, red peppers harvested, but in fact this number was nearly double in the Culbac®-treated group.

Further evidence of the ability of Culbac® Plant Solution to promote crop maturity can be seen in Figure 2, which shows harvest data from a field study conducted on cantaloupe.

Effects Of Culbac On Cantaloupe Yields.JPG

The harvest periods were several days apart with 1 being the earliest and 5 the latest. The data clearly shows that the Culbac®-treated melons produced substantially higher yields than the controls in the early harvest periods. Overall, the cantaloupe plot treated with Culbac® Plant Solution yielded 218.3 lbs. against 177.5 lbs. for the controls; an increase of 18.7%.

A large early harvest is not just useful to gardeners in areas with limited growing seasons; it also advantageous to growers selling produce to local markets since earlier crops can fetch higher prices. Regardless of your goal, Culbac® Plant Solution is a natural, effective solution to help your vegetable crops reach their highest potential.

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