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Give supersweet corn an essential boost
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Fresh corn on the cob is a welcome addition to any summer picnic or grill-out. Among the most popular varieties of sweet corn are the sugary enhanced (se) and shrunken-2 (sh2) types, also known as high-sugar or supersweet corn. While supersweet corn has the advantages of superior taste, longer harvest interval and increased shelf –life over standard sweet corn (su) varieties, it has the drawback of significantly less seedling vigor. For growers, this often means reduced overall yield due to poor emergence or seedling “dieback”.

Growers can improve their odds of obtaining a healthy stand of supersweet corn by applying Culbac® to their seeds. Culbac® seed treatments are produced through a natural fermentation process and provide several benefits when coated onto seeds:

  • Improved seedling vigor
  • Earlier, stronger emergence
  • Greater root mass development
  • Stimulation of beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere

Numerous studies and trial work have demonstrated how Culbac® seed treatments can benefit supersweet corn. Table 1 displays emergence data recorded for supersweet corn (sh2) over several field trials.

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Besides better emergence, the Culbac®-treated sweet corn consistently scored higher in vigor assessments and had on average 31.53% greater root mass than the controls.


For supersweet corn, the best results are attained by applying Culbac® seed treatments (liquid or dry form) at the rate of 4 oz. per 50 lbs. of seed. Coverage should be uniform and seed coated with a liquid Culbac® treatment must be allowed to dry prior to planting.

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