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Help develop deeper and stronger roots in high-traffic turf grasses

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Turf grasses are always faced with a myriad of possible stress factors: extreme weather, pests, weed competition, to name a few. On golf courses and athletic fields, turf grasses have to endure additional burdens caused by high traffic or activity. The soil may become compacted by running feet or carts, while the grasses themselves are sometimes uprooted by kicking or swinging motions.
Culbac® Green™ is a biostimulant that can help turf grass withstand the stress caused by high traffic. Derived from fermenting a unique strain of Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product in a nutrient medium containing seaweed, Culbac® Green™ contains a blend of cytokinins, auxins and micronutrients that promote vigorous growth in turf grasses – especially in their root systems.

Below are two studies showing the effects of Culbac® Green™ on cool- and warm-season grasses. Figure 1 displays data from a Maryland commercial sod farm.

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The above five-month trial was performed on non-irrigated sod in drought conditions. The final core samples taken from the untreated grass had about 11% less mass than the initial core samples from the same group. On the other hand, the Culbac®-treated bluegrass gained about 10% mass between the initial and final core samples. The final soil-free core samples of the Culbac®-treated group were about 40% heavier than the controls.

Figure 2 displays data from core samples taken during two trials at a Florida commercial sod farm using St. Augustine sod. The first trial tested the root growth in a block that had been recently sprigged and then sprayed with Culbac® Green™. In the second trial, Culbac® Green™ was applied to ribbon strips left from a recent harvest.

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During the five-month period that spanned Trial II, the researchers observed that the Culbac®-treated sod filled the bare areas in between the ribbon strips at a faster rate than the untreated sod.

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By promoting vigorous root development, Culbac® Green™ enables turf grasses to better withstand extreme stress caused by intense traffic and physical activities. Deeper and stronger roots can better hold the grass in place against kicking or swinging motions. By enabling the grass to uptake more moisture and nutrients from the soil, an enhanced root system also increases the grasses’ ability to spread and repair damaged areas.

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