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Help sod plugs to spread faster with Culbac® Plant Solution

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Planting sod plugs is a much more economical method of lawn establishment than sod installation, but it has the major drawback of needing time for the grass to spread and fill-in the unsightly bare spots between the individual plugs.

An effective way to encourage sod plugs to spread and form a stand of dense, uninterrupted turf is by exposing their base to a root dip made with Culbac® Plant Solution prior to planting. The bioactive compounds in Culbac® Plant Solution promote vigorous root growth in the grass that leads to faster establishment of the plugs and the increased development of rhizomes and stolons for spreading.

A number of studies have demonstrated the effect of Culbac® Plant Solution on the growth of sod plugs. Table 1 shows data from 6 trials that used Culbac® as a root dip on bermudagrass sod plugs.

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The average overall improvement in the root weight observed in the Culbac®-treated plugs was 38.64%. The Culbac®-treated plugs also showed an average 11.26% increase in top growth during the trials.


Mixing Rates For Culbac Root Dip Improved.JPG Application

The root dip should be prepared by mixing Culbac® Plant Solution according to the rates in Table 2. Prior to planting, soak the base of the plugs in the root dip for 30 seconds.

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