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Helping turf grass withstand the stress
of seasonal dry weather or drought

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The hot, dry summer periods typical to most areas of North America are challenging for turf grasses. Without regular irrigation, most turf grasses will lapse into a period of seasonal dormancy and its foliage becomes brown and unsightly. Homeowners and lawn care professionals who desire to maintain an aesthetically-pleasing green lawn may choose to irrigate, but this option has economic and environmental costs.
Culbac® Plant Solution is a biostimulant that can help turf grass withstand the stress caused by seasonal dry weather or prolonged drought. Derived from fermenting a unique strain of Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product in a nutrient medium containing seaweed, Culbac® Plant Solution contains a blend of cytokinins, auxins and micronutrients that promote stress tolerance in turf grasses.

The chart at below shows data from a five-month trial conducted during drought conditions on a non-irrigated Maryland sod farm. It shows how the Kentucky bluegrass sprayed with Culbac® Plant Solution increased its dry weight while the dry weight of the untreated grass declined during the trial.

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The final core samples taken from the untreated grass had about 11% less mass than the initial core samples from the same group. On the other hand, the Culbac®-treated bluegrass gained about 10% mass between the initial and final core samples. The final soil free core samples of the Culbac®-treated group were about 40 % heavier than the controls.

By promoting optimal turf health, Culbac® Plant Solution helps grass maintain its desirable green appearance longer and with less irrigation in dry conditions than untreated turf. If the turf is allowed to go dormant in prolonged dry weather, Culbac® Plant Solution can help the grass survive the dry period and enable it recover faster when favorable moisture conditions return.

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