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Culbac® Plant Solution
All-natural Biostimulant for Plants

Culbac® Plant Solution can be used for nearly every reason in almost any season. It is labeled for use in seed treatments, foliar feedings, soil amendments or root dips.

plant image The benefits of Culbac® Plant Solution include:

The benefits of Culbac® Plant Solution include:

  • Optimum plant health
  • Increased root growth
  • Higher crop yield
  • Increased stress resistance
  • Labelled for a wide variety of crops and applications

General Application Rates:

  • Foliar feeding: 8 fl. oz./acre during mid-vegetative stage
  • Seed treatment: 1 – 4 fl. oz./50 lbs. seed
  • Root dip/ Basal treatment for cuttings: 1 part Culbac® Plant Solution to 500 parts water, 30 second soak
  • Soil application: 8 fl. oz./acre


Unit SizeUnits per CaseProduct Code
1 pint122-1300
1 gal42-1100
5 gal12-1200
55 gal drum12-1400CG
250 gal tote12-1500

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