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Decades of greenhouse experiments and field trials have confirmed that TransAgra’s line of unique, fermented plant biostimulants can benefit a wide array of plant species. Read on to find out how exactly Culbac® Plant biostimulants can improve field crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and turfgrass.

Field Crops >

  • Increase crop yields
  • Stimulate Soil Microbes
  • Enhance Crop Quality

Fruit and Vegetables >

  • A More Productive Harvest
  • Improve Seedling Vigor
  • Promote Crop Maturity
  • Higher Grades of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Improves Plant Establishment

Turf Grass >

  • Earlier Sprout Emergence
  • Improve Plant Establishment
  • Enhance Stress Tolerance
  • Environmentally-friendly Applications

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