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Healthy Start

The best time to start improving the overall health and production potential for dairy and beef cattle is right at birth. Establishing a healthy balance of beneficial microflora in the gut will help keep calves growing fast and strong throughout weaning, help minimize the risk of scours and intestinal upsets, and help keep mortality rates low.


Animals are exposed to pathogenic bacteria throughout the production process, and baby pigs are particularly susceptible. If intestinal inflammation and diarrhea takes hold, nutrient absorption is greatly reduced, costing the producer more money in reduced feed efficiency, digestion and feed intake.

Culbac for Animal

Modern animal production enterprises as well as smaller producers all face a variety of challenges in maintaining the expected profitability, performance and health of their herds. Animals that perform poorly or get sick can cost producers a lot of money. An animal with a healthy immune system, however, can help maintain performance at its full genetic potential. And good nutrition plays an important role in maintaining an animal’s immune system. Digestive health is essential to overall animal health and well-being.


Culbac ForagEzy is a dry, multi-purpose preservative and microbial fermentation additive for hay and fermented forage. When used on baled hay, Culbac ForagEzy inhibits mold growth and allows baling at higher moisture, producing forage that is greener, softer and higher in crude protein and RFV.

Culbac Hay

Forage quality is one of the most important elements of good ruminant feeding programs. Even though forage is the least expensive on-farm source of feed for ruminant animals, poor quality forage – forage that’s been spoiled or otherwise damaged – can end up costing producers more money in protein and energy supplementation costs as well as reduced animal performance and poor feed efficiency.

Culbac Silage

When used on silage, haylage or balage, Culbac Silage enhances the anaerobic fermentation of ensiled and baled crops by facilitating the growth of lactic-acid producing bacteria. This effectively improves fermentation, reduces biological degradation and conserves digestible nutrients of the forage, improving its feeding value and nutritive quality.

Rumen-bac Plus

Ruminants have special nutrition needs, and Rumen-Bac Plus Granular is uniquely formulated to meet those requirements. Consisting of a dried Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product blended with vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes, Rumen-Bac Plus Granular helps cattle and other ruminants reach their full potential by protecting against intestinal upsets that can lead to immune suppression and weight loss. Available exclusively in Japan.

Super Supplement Granular

All species of livestock require a healthy rumen or digestive tract for optimal growth and performance. Culbac Super Supplement Granular helps promote robust digestive health in livestock through a blend of dried Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product, vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes. Available exclusively in Japan.

Culbac Green Seed Treatment

Plant cultivation differs considerably by crop, region and size – to name a few variables – but plants all have one thing in common: success depends on giving them the best start possible.

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