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Culbac® Green™ Dry Seed Treatment
All-natural Biostimulant for Improved Seedling Vigor

Plant cultivation differs considerably by crop, region and size – to name a few variables – but plants all have one thing in common: success depends on giving them the best start possible.

Culbac Green Dry Seed Treatment is a abiotic seed treatment that helps get plant seeds off to a better, faster start, and enables seedlings to establish themselves quicker, reducing the amount of time spent in the early, vulnerable stages of the growth cycle.

seedlings Culbac Green Dry Seed Treatment has been shown to:

Culbac Green Dry Seed Treatment has been shown to:

  • Promote early emergence
  • Increase seedling vigor
  • Support beneficial microbial activity
  • Enhance root development

Helps get plant seeds off to a better, faster start

Culbac Green Dry Seed Treatment is derived from fermenting a unique strain of Proprietary Strain of Lactobacillus Fermentation Product, combined with alginate and graphite in a convenient dry formulation. It promotes seedling vigor, increases root growth and stimulates beneficial soil microbes, which helps optimize seedling health and increase the potential for higher yields later in the growing season.

Every grower recognizes the importance of getting crops off to a good start at planting. Culbac Green Dry Seed Treatment can help plant and grass seedlings through their critical early stages of growth, minimizing their vulnerability to erosion and birds, and leading to increased yields at harvest.


  • Large seed grains (corn/soybean/cotton): 60 ml / 22.68 kilogram bag
  • Small seed grains (wheat/barley/grass): 30 ml / 22.68 kilogram bag

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