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Culbac® Hay
All-natural Preservative for Alfalfa and Grass Hay

Hay Group_low Culbac® Hay
-All-natural Preservative for Alfalfa and Grass Hay

Forage quality is one of the most important elements of good ruminant feeding programs. Even though forage is the least expensive on-farm source of feed for ruminant animals, poor quality forage – forage that’s been spoiled or otherwise damaged – can end up costing producers more money in protein and energy supplementation costs as well as reduced animal performance and poor feed efficiency.

As hay dries, significant leaf loss occurs, resulting in lost hay volume and reduced hay quality. Culbac Hay is a unique fermentation preservative specifically formulated for high-moisture baling, that results in higher quality hay.

alfalfa image Culbac Hay has been shown to help:

Culbac Hay has been shown to help:

  • Inhibit mold growth and reduce spoilage
  • Allow baling at a higher level of moisture
  • Shorten the number of days to baling
  • Reduce leaf shatter
  • Shorten the curing time
  • Maximize nutrient content
  • Reduce the risk of heat and weather damage
  • Increase harvest yield
  • Improve palatability
  • Enhance re-growth of the hay

Made Specifically To Inhibit Mold Growth

Culbac Hay is an all-natural preservative and abiotic treatment for high-moisture baling. It’s a unique microbial fermentation product, available in dry and liquid formulations, that’s made specifically to inhibit mold growth as hay dries, resulting in higher quality hay.

High quality hay is an important forage component for efficient growth and performance in ruminant diets, because higher quality hay can reduce protein and energy supplementation costs, and help improve animal performance overall. Culbac Hay allows baling at a higher level of moisture, to produce forage that is greener, softer and higher in crude protein and Relative Feed Value (RFV).

Dry Application:

  • 181 grams per ton of hay, ranging from 16% to 22% moisture
  • 362 grams per ton, when moisture is over 22%>

Liquid Application:

  • 75 ml per ton of hay, ranging from 16% to 22% moisture
  • 150 ml per ton, when moisture is over 22%

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